Man Attacked By His Partner For Fishing Too Much

A woman from Wesley Chapel, Florida has been charged with domestic violence, because she struck her child’s father across the head with a kitchen pot.

Domestic violence is not very uncommon these day and there are several factors that lead to this case. The uniqueness of this particular event is that the woman struck her boyfriend because he was spending more time fishing than being at home.

Katie Lou Gottlich, a resident of Wesley Chapel was arrested by the authorities after the incident. Investigators found out that she got into an argument with her boyfriend, who is also the father of their 7-month old child. The argument was on the basis that the father spent time fishing instead of helping raise their child.

According to the boyfriend, he was walking in the backyard when his girlfriend threw a kitchen pot at him when he was looking in the opposite direction and the pot struck his head.

No bruises or marks were found on the father’s head, but the kitchen pot was found in the backyard where the father claims the incident occurred. Katie has however, denied throwing the pot.

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The father, also identified as the suspect’s boyfriend, told Pasco County deputies he and Gottlich began to argue at their residence after he had spent “the past couple of days” fishing.

Gottlich denies throwing the pot and deputies said they did not see any bruising on the father, but they did find a pot in the backyard where the father said the incident occurred.

The seven-month-old baby was not at the residence at the time, according to the Pasco County Sheriff incident report.

Author: David Nelson

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