Chris & Ethan – Tales From The Canal Bank


I’ve never been fishing before then my stepfather took me for the 1st time during the summer hols, we fished the St.Helens canal mainly…

My 1st fish was a 12lb common, the next time we went I managed to catch a Tench just over 5lbs on a float with a single grain of corn then the last time the Perch, he said he’s spent a life time fishing for these pbs and I’m a lucky bugger…

I say he’s the lucky one for being able to net them for me 😁

Thanks old man 😂😂


We have been fishing the canal in St.Helens town centre fishing for Carp with  light tackle on a quiver tip and on the float with either bread flake and sweet corn as free offerings or a single grain of corn in the margins.

My fishing background – I’ve been course fishing for the past 30yrs mainly for Roach, Dace and Chub on the river Avon in Hampshire and the river Stour in Dorset.